We are Non-Political,
and Non-Profit, and serve the young men and women who have lost a parent in the US Military and First Responders.

We began as Children of Fallen Soldiers and in 2013 began rebranding  to America’s Children of Fallen Heroes in order to better include first responders.

Our History

 Our founder’s dream was to fly, and was headed to the Air Force Academy. However, in 1989, a MEPS flight surgeon discovered his heart problem and life took him down a different road.




In 1996, he started Quietly Working, a creative agency that would open the door to serve. 




“After having the pleasure of speaking with a couple two star generals, I was crushed to learn about the massive cracks in our govenment support system that was letting our miliraty widows and their children down. We immediately began planning how to help. And I guess the rest is history.”


– Chaplain TIG




In 2000, we began the launch of Children of Fallen Soldiers. Starting with appreciation events, gift drops, and domestic support projects.


The smartest thing we did was to develop an advisory board of widows to determine what was helping and what wasn’t.


What we very quickly learned, is that the big impressive looking events didn’t do much to help. In fact, in many cases, they created additional stress and pain. What the widows DID want, was some type of long-term mentorship for their children. …and that’s been our ongoing dream. And in 2015, we began to pilot the Dream Development Project.


 Dream Development Project




In 2012, we began rebranding to America’s Children of Fallen Heroes, so we could include Fallen Firefighters and Law Enforcement under our umbrella of services.


On March 25th, 2013 our founder died.
He was dead for nearly seven minutes before a combat Marine brought him back to life. Needless to say, that experience had a profound effect on the direction and pace of our work. His three kids are all grown up and out of the house, so his wife and him are able to focus 100% of their time on building the Dream Development Project.



Vision for the Future

We’ve always understood that there’s no way to replace a parent, but that’s been our audacious goal. To provide the mentorship and long-term support that every parent desires for their kid.



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