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Jeep'n For The Kids

Free off-roading adventures for local communities, their military, fire departments, law enforcement, and the families we serve to enjoy the great outdoors and play in the dirt.

Start a Hero Team

Hero Teams are individuals or organizations who want to help us collect messages of encouragement, hero members, and donations. If you’d like to start your own Hero Team, send us a text at (773) 234-kids (5437) and we’ll build you your very own page. And thank you very much for considering being a part of our awesome family!

Here’s an example of Bikini Offroad’s Hero Team page. They are one of our sponsors for our Jeep’n For The Kids series.

Current Needs

A list of our currently needed items and areas needing most help would normally display here, but while the regular page is down, we’re in “old-school” mode. If you’re interested in helping, please contact us using any of the platforms below, and we will get back to you asap.

Thank you very much! It’s only because of your generosity and willingness to get involved that we are able to continue. You are the solution and we are much better together. :)

Interested in Volunteering
Please Contact Us :)

We are here to serve, so please feel free to contact us however works best for you.

By Phone (call or text):

(773) 234-KIDS (5437)
Call or Text us… we would LOVE to talk to you.

If we are in the office, we will pick right up, but if we are out, please give us 24 hrs to respond.



wearelistening (at) quietlyworking (dot) org

By Mail:

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