What is an EOA?

EOA = expression of appreciation. An EOA is a message of encouragement for the kids who have lost a parent in the US military, fire department, and law enforcement. It let's them know that they haven't been forgotten, that someone cares enough to write, and that there's hope for their future.

Where do we collect EOAs?

We travel the country speaking and giving audiences, large and small, the opportunity to write or film their own EOA.

We present at churches, companies, law enforcement departments, fire departments, on military bases, fraternal civic organizations, Mil, Fire & LE related expos, and any other platform that will have us.

After our short presentation, we hand our EOA brochures out to our audience, and they write their message of encouragement. Once they've written their EOA, they tear out that page from the brochure, seal it in an included envelope, and give it back to us. The rest of the EOA brochure is for them to keep and share with their friends.

How are EOA's used?

Once an EOA is approved it is

  1. Emailed to our families (currently around 1,498)
  2. Select EOA's are added to our website
  3. Prepared for entry into our upcoming book, On Behalf of a Grateful Nation
  4. Prepared for entry into the memorial for America's Children of Fallen Heroes.

Written EOA Examples

Below are some EOA's that we've collected over the past decade.

[ess_grid alias="eoa_examples"]

Filmed EOA Examples

Sometimes at events we give people the option to film their EOA. Also, we travel the country filming messages of encouragement from celebrities and inspirational individuals.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PL02D08AADCD3355A7&layout=gallery[/embedyt]



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